This book by Al Ries and Jack Trout is a must read. Although it was written in 1993 the points in this book are still viable. You will get a lot of good stuff to consider before you start up your own venture.

It is a one day read. It has some funny perspectives on Donald Trump as well. At the time he was $1.4 billion in debt!

Anyways, if you are lazy to read, here are some outtakes that resonnated with me:

  • You want to change something in a computer? Just type over or delet the existing material. You want to change something in a mind? Forget it. Once a mind is made up, it rarely, if ever, changes.

  • Only by studying how perceptions are formed in the mind and focusing your marketing programs on those perceptions can you overcome your basically incorrect marketing instincts.

  • Marketing is a battle of perceptions, not products. Marketing is the process of dealing with those perceptions.

  • Yet, too many potential No. 2 brands try to emulate the leader. This is usually an error. You must present yourself as the alternative.

  • There are three things to sacrifice: product line, target market and constant change.

  • The law of focus applies to whatever you’re selling, or even whaterver you’re unselling.

  • The spine-chilling Law of Resources: You’ll get further with a mediocre idea and million dollars than with a great idea alone.

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