Do you want to know how to market and sell your film online on autopilot with 3x ROI?

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Understand Online distribution and marketing

My course will show you the exact steps I have taken to market my films online. You will get my proven templates to imitate my automatic system with ease.


I remember when I started making my film Newtopia back in 2004. I ended up spending 15 years of my life making the film, living with an ancient society. It took my blood, sweat and tears. It was an all-encompassing life experience. All my energy went into this project. Heck, I even almost died in the process.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved it, and I still do. But, then at the end of it, I was like, well, shoot – How will I get this film out there? As filmmakers we all want to make amazing stories, and we often forget about the outreach. Especially us who work with these passion-projects, but the reality is that we all have to eat, right?

So, I clawed my way into the documentary industry with everything I got. Mind you, I didn’t have any film education. Yet, I received my first grant in 2008, and since then I have received both governmental and non-governmental grants several times. I have participated in countless workshops, pitchings, festivals and forums worldwide, and I have sold my documentaries to TV-channels and screened them at some of the biggest festivals in the world.

But you know what; the most rewarding thing I did in terms of engagement and money, was when I started selling my documentary Newtopia online doing private TVOD.



WARNING: This talk will be an eye-opener (Don’t watch if you want to remain dormant;))

The conditions of the film industry is changing fast, especially now with the corona-situation. Documentary filmmakers are lagging behind Big Time! And meanwhile huge companies are taking the benefits.

As you can see from the chart, online video is the future. I want to help documentary filmmakers to understand the current situation and take advantage of it.

On my birthday, I was watching over $1,000 automatically roll into my account from selling Newtopia to people I didn’t know. My happy customers received their order automatically. So, I could just party on all night (after all I turned 40).

I sell Newtopia for $19,97. Having a Cost per Result as low as $2 (kr19,38) is pretty darn good, don’t you think? That is about 90% straight in my pocket.

Would you like it, if my course could help you acheive that?

Do You have a film in development?

Then I can’t stress enough how much you need this course, especially the Filmfunnels Magic Module. The faster you start to gather data about your audience, the better it is. Don’t be a douche and leave 1,000nds of $$ on the table.

Do you have a film in production?

Then this is definitely the time to start. If you already have a website, be sure to install tracking systems on it. (Even the biggest companies don’t do it!!) The Facebook Magic Module will tell you exactly how you can leverage on audience demography and interests. 

Do you have an old film that you thought was done?

Many people end up putting their hard-worked films out for free because they think it is done in the market. That is a shame. The worldwide online situation of today gives possibilities overlooked by the industry. 

The cost of staying digitally illiterate and ignorant of the possibilities internet offers the film industry, is much more expensive than my course!


(Module: The Key to Data gathering)

(Module: Festival Campaign Strategy)

Check out the entire course structure

You will see the various aspects covered in the course. 

Basically you will learn exactly how to build a complete film sales machine working on autopilot!!


So, if you want to:

  • Find and reach your specific audience
  • Build a money-making film sales machine on autopilot
  • Split-test trailers, titles and taglines
  • Geo-blocking in order to fulfill other contracts
  • Build a community around your film
  • Learn the art of email automation
  • Automatically retarget people who has taken previous interest
  • Become digitally literate
  • Learn about online ad-copy
  • Collect and utilise audience data
  • Build Festival Campaigns for your film
  • Understand offer creation
  • Access to valuable free resources
  • +++

Beginner or pro

This course is for you!

Audun Amundsen

Audun Amundsen


  • Worked in the Documentary Industry for over 10 years.
  • Received substantial governmental and non-gov funding for my films.
  • Sold my films to many televison-channels worldwide.
  • Screened my films on several Film Festivals worldwide.
  • Participated on forums and pitchings worldwide.
  • Spent thousands of dollars studying and learning online strategies.


I want to help filmmakers reach their audience and earn money on their films so they can make more amazing films. There are so many fabulous projects out there that doesn’t reach their full potential, just because the filmmaker didn’t utilise the available tools of today’s internet society. The systems I am teaching could, and should, be used alongside traditional outreach and distribution. But, doing only the latter, you will miss out on viewers, money and impact.

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