In this Podcast I talk with Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken who has become a hot name in the film industry here in Norway. He basically just decided from a very early age that he wanted to make films, and being rejected by a prestigeous filmmaking school because he was too young, did absolutely NOT put a stopper to his ambition. It seems rather the opposite.

His first feature film, Returning home, got Oscar shortlisted for best foreign language film in 2015 and now his fourth film, Rett Vest, is screeening on cinemas across Norway.

Henrik handles immense workloads as he simultaneously produces and directs several films at once. If you want to know how he does it, check out the podcast!


Check out some of his previous films:


Mannen fra isødet / The Devil’s Ballroom (2012) from FilmBros on Vimeo.


Watch Cave here.


Watch Sensommer here.

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