Hi everybody,

Thanks for stopping by. In this GonzoDocs Interview episode I talk with one of the founders of Distrify, Stephen Green. We did a pretty spontaneous interview in Stephen’s hotelroom while we attended the Industry Expo at Minimalen Shortfilmfestival in Trondheim (venue in picture). The interview setup was pretty funny; Stephen sitting on a high barchair and me on a low sofa chair 😛


The Glasgow-based firm focuses on independent filmmakers’ content through Video On Demand (VOD). In this interview you can get some insights on how to work with Distrify, and get an idea if your project is suitable match. We also talk about the Chinese market which Distrify signed a significant deal with some years ago.

Distrify was one of about 40 participants in a gathering with Creative Europe a while ago, where they discussed the future of film marketing. Stay tuned for the report. Hopefully we will catch up with Stephen again to gain some insights then.

Enjoy and take care!


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