It’s a very big day. Finally the budget for NEWTOPIA is ready and I have the amazing opportunity to work with one of the best documentary editors in Norway, Anders Teigen. And that is on my debut documentary! I am so excited and scared at the same time.

It has taken such a long time and I didn’t in my wildest imagination think that this project was going to grow this big and all-encompassing when I first started it.

I plan to share my experiences, failures and wins on my Youtube-channel on GonzoDocs soon, so please subscribe, share and comment when time comes.

Making NEWTOPIA has taken 14 years. You will see the characters grow and the cultural changes that happens during this time are cataclysmic.

Huge thanks to everyone that has supported my project. You will get honorable mentions when time comes. The Norwegian Arts Council was the first to support my film back in 2008, so it is fitting that they are closing the budget 10 years later. 10 fuxxxing years!!

As a storyteller I have learned so much, and now there is only one thing to do: Aim even higher for my next film!

Video from my Insta feed ten minutes after my producer Christian Falch called me and broke the good news!

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