Your Filmfunnel in less than 30 seconds

In this step I show how you can install the whole infrastructure of a Proven High Converting Filmfunnel in only 12 Seconds (and 13 Frames :P)

If you have Clickfunnels you can just click on this url, or copy/paste it yourself into another browser window:

This particular Filmfunnel earned Colorado based Documentary Filmmaker, Beverly Banks, $286.000 the first 6 months!! And, yes, here you can have it in 12 seconds!

I have even improved on the Filmfunnel by adding an Upsell page to it.


Course Progress

Filmfunnel Repository

This is the spot where I gather my Filmfunnels. Each Filmfunnel are specialized according to what we want to acheive and what stage your film is in.

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